Terms & Conditions

This rebate offer is made exclusively by SF Marketing Inc. ("SFM") on behalf of Shure Incorporated (“Shure”) subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • This rebate offer is only valid for new purchases of the following Shure wireless microphone or personal monitor systems models: BLX®; FP Wireless; GLX-D® Digital and GLX-D® Advanced; PGX-D® Digital; PSM®300; PSM®900; PSM®1000; QLX-D® Digital; ULX-D® Digital, and Axient® Digital (“Eligible Shure Products”). Products included as Eligible Shure Products may change subject to the release of new products and discontinued sales of existing products. This offer is void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law.
  • This rebate offer requires a one-to-one trade-in of one (1) channel of an eligible wireless microphone or personal monitor system to receive a rebate for one (1) wireless channel of a newly purchased Eligible Shure Product. For example, to receive a rebate for one new Shure system including four (4) wireless channels, an eligible trade-in may include four (4) single-channel transmitters and four (4) single-channel receivers OR four (4) single-channel transmitters and two (2) dual-channel receiver OR any other valid combination of multi-channel transmitters and receivers. Wireless microphone and personal monitor systems that are eligible for trade-in (“Eligible Trade-In Products”) are limited to those systems designed and enabled to operate on frequencies from and including 616 MHz through 653 MHz or 663 MHz through 698 MHz (the “600 MHz Band”), and in working condition at the time of their submission. For a list of Eligible Trade-In Products and Eligible Shure Products, please visit 600 MHz Wireless Rebate Home page.
  • Applicable rebate amount specified is for each wireless channel of an Eligible Shure Product, provided that a rebate claim is properly made and submitted in accordance with this offer (including sending in Eligible Trade-In Product for each Eligible Shure Product purchased) and subject to all other applicable terms and conditions.
    *Eligible Wireless Line Rebate per Channel
    Axient® Digital $600
    ULX-D® Digital
    ULXD4D + Transmitters $600
    ULXD4Q + Transmitters $600
    ULXD4 + Transmitter $300
    QLX-D® Digital $300
    GLX-D® Digital $90
    GLX-D® Advanced $125
    FP Wireless Systems $60
    BLX® / BLXR / PGX-D® Digital $60
    PSM®1000 $600
    PSM®900 $300
    PSM®300 $125
  • This rebate offer is available only to original end user purchasers in Canada and is valid only for purchases of new Eligible Shure Products. Products must be purchased from Shure-authorized dealers in Canada. Please visit Shure authorized retail store locator page to find a Shure-authorized retailer. Qualifying purchases must be made on or after November 1, 2017 (the “Promotion Start Date”) and on or before October 31, 2018 (the “Promotion End Date”). Retailers, and other resellers of Shure products, together with their employees, agents and families, are not eligible for this rebate offer, nor may Shure product, retailers, resellers, or their employees, agents or families claim rebates on behalf of end user purchasers. This offer also is not valid for (i) any purchase of used, refurbished, demonstrated or counterfeit products, (ii) any purchase made before the Promotion Start Date, or (iii) any purchase made after the Promotion End Date.
  • To submit a rebate request:
    • Obtain a Return Authorization number and shipping label by submitting a 600 MHz Wireless Rebate Claim Form online no later than October 31, 2018 11:59 pm Eastern Time and;
    • Ship Eligible 600 MHz Trade-In Product(s) and all required documents to Shure 600 MHz Wireless Rebate c/o SFM, 325 Boul. Bouchard, Dorval, QC, H9S 1A9 using a trackable shipping method.
    Required information, documents, equipment, and other materials (“Required Rebate Materials”) for a complete rebate submission must include:
    • Online submission of all required information by the 600 MHz Wireless Rebate Claim Form, including, but not limited to, name and mailing address (no P.O. box allowed), product quantities and brand and system information for return Eligible Trade-In Product(s) and newly purchased Eligible Shure Product(s);
    • Shipment made no later than November 15, 2018 using a trackable method and containing:
      1. Proof of purchase of Eligible Shure Product(s) including:
        • original model number label (UPC barcode and serial number) cut from the end of each product carton (no photocopied substitutes),
        • copy of dated sales receipt issued at the time of original sale, including dealer / retailer name, information identifying the Eligible Shure Product, quantity, and purchase price;
      2. Eligible Trade-In Product(s) shipped no later than November 15, 2018;
      3. Print-out of the Return Authorization Label provided during the online submission process affixed to the outside of the product return shipping box.
      For wireless microphone systems, proof of purchase includes the original UPC and serial number labels for each wireless receiver.
      For personal monitor systems, proof of purchase includes the original UPC and serial number labels for each wireless transmitter.
      For all systems, proof of purchase also includes sales receipt for all receivers and transmitters.
    Sender is solely responsible for all shipment costs and all losses during shipment. Failure to timely and properly submit all required information, documentation, equipment, and other materials may render the rebate claim ineligible for rebate.
  • Newly-purchased Eligible Shure Products may not be returned to the store/point of purchase for a full refund after rebate is paid out by SFM. Removal of UPC label from product packaging may also render the product unacceptable for return or refund.
  • SFM reserves the right to require additional information from rebate applicants to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of this rebate offer. All submitted documentation and materials become the exclusive property of SFM and will not be returned. SFM is not responsible for the rebate applicant’s failure to submit, in a timely and proper manner, all required information, documentation, materials, Eligible Trade-In Product(s) or other required claim materials. The rebate applicant is solely liable for submissions that are late, lost, damaged, misdirected, incorrect, incomplete, illegible, postage due or otherwise not properly and timely submitted for any reason (“Incomplete Rebate Submission”). Rebates may not be issued for Incomplete Rebate Submissions or submissions determined in SFM’s good faith discretion to be fraudulent. Submitting false information to obtain a rebate may be considered mail fraud subject to prosecution as a federal crime. Keep copies of all documentation submitted for your records.
  • Offer valid only for purchases made in Canada by Canadian residents only. This rebate offer is void where taxed or prohibited by law. In any event, rebate recipients are solely responsible for any taxes imposed on their rebates. Rebate recipients should allow 8 to 10 weeks to process rebate claims.
  • SFM reserves the exclusive right to determine whether rebate claim submissions meet eligibility requirements, the right to pursue all available remedies for false claims, and the right to inspect and reject wireless systems or components submitted to SFM as part of a rebate claim if SFM determines that any part of the systems or components were not in working condition at the time of their submission or the systems or components were not genuine product acquired by the end user purchaser in a bona fide purchase (e.g., counterfeit or stolen products, products obtained by any unlawful means, or products imported by the purchaser from outside Canada), or for any other reason. SFM also reserves the right at any time, without notice, to suspend, terminate, extend or alter in any respect this rebate offer or any related terms or conditions. SFM’s decisions regarding rebate eligibility and other matters related to this rebate offer are final. SFM’s rejection of any Incomplete Rebate Submission will not entitle the applicant to any rebate, refund, return or other accommodation with respect to the applicant’s purchase of new Shure wireless systems or components. SFM will make a good faith effort to return Trade-In Products if a rebate is denied.

For questions regarding this rebate offer or status of rebate claims, please contact SFM at tradein@sfm.ca